The new LOGISTIC PARK VOENNA RAMPA is located in the most preferred industrial part of Sofia – 33 Iliyantsi Blvd. with an area of about 42 000 square meters. The park accommodates in its renovated buildings  international and Bulgarian leading companies in the area and has a total built-up area of about 25 000 square meters. The large size of the property provides enough space around the buildings as well as parking spaces for employees and visitors.

LOGISTIC PARK VOENNA RAMPA is located next to the Overpass Nadezhda, near the Northern Speed Tangent and only 5 km from the ideal center of the capital. It is located in an industrially and logistically developed area. The park has 4 buildings of universal purpose, suitable for warehouses, for which the necessary approaches and ramps are built. The warehouses have ceiling height up to 10 meters. The area allocation is in accordance with the universal shelving systems and the loading capacity of the floor, in the warehouses it is more than 2 tons per square meter.

The offices are wired with internet and air conditioning, the floor is granite.

The park has an alarm system, 24-hour video surveillance, live security, a restricted-access barrier, controlled access with a chip to any room and a fire alarm.

The outdoor spaces of the base are landscaped and maintained by the owner, an irrigation system has also been installed.

The base has a large asphalt plot adapted for large vehicles and maneuvering – illuminated with LED.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES – appropriate location, independent infrastructure, offices, effective warehouse spaces, access to railway and unloading place, large electric power, parking, attractive rental price, surveillance and video observation.